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When all of your time – and how to fill it – is up to you, you have a lot of priorities to juggle. Travel. Relationships. Hobbies. Volunteering. However you plan to spend your time in retirement, there are a lot of factors to consider, not least of which is how you will fund these goals and dreams.

You deserve a financial strategy designed to support your priorities, whatever they are. At Freedom Private Wealth, we build comprehensive financial strategies that put you at the center. We bring together your past, present, and future financial data to coordinate a plan that maps out your needs and strategies to address those needs and pursue your goals.

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Meet Matt Rowley

Matt was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is the proud father of his son, Ascher, and three daughters, Piper & Sage and Hollis. Matt is very proud to be an Approved Member of the National Ethics Association. Due to values instilled through a strong family culture, a humanitarian service mission in Argentina, and service in the United States Military. Matt diligently represents honesty, transparency, and acts with intent.

When Matt established Freedom Private Wealth he set out with an objective to help clients plan their financial future with strategic purpose and ease. Freedom Private Wealth and Matt Rowley are very diligent in helping their clients achieve their long-term financial objective by utilizing various tools and resources.As a fiduciary, Matt regards every relationship by prioritizing every client’s needs to their best interest and acting with integrity to achieve their Wealth Navigation Plan.

Matt enjoys spending quality time with his family. If he is not engrossed in his work, you will find Matt on any outdoor adventure, playing soccer and embracing any water activity.

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